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Calling All Pork Lovers: It’s Time for Charc Week!

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The Discovery Channel has kept us entertained for years with its annual Shark Week. Michael Sohocki at Restaurant Gwendolyn, 152 E. Pecan St., is hoping to give San Antonio something a little tastier. He’s sent out the call for the city’s first Charc Week, devoted to all things charcuterie in nature. Charc Week will start on Tuesday, running Oct. 23-30.

What’s charcuterie? Wikipedia tells us it is “the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork. Charcuterie is part of the garde manger chef’s repertoire. Originally intended as a way to preserve meats before the advent of refrigeration, they are prepared today for their flavors derived from the preservation processes.”

Gwendolyn won’t be the only participant. Also on board are Bliss, Where Y’At Food Truck, Monterey, Luke, Laurent’s Modern Cuisine, Feast, Cappy’s, Tre Alamo Heights, and Blue Star.

There’s only one rule, according to Gwendolyn: Everything must be made in house at each place, and all restaurants we’ve invited will sell their plate for $15.

For more information, call Restaurant Gwendolyn at (210) 222-1849.

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