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Gallo Pizzeria Scares Up Some Fun

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Hey, Crystal Villarreal, is your zombie housebroken?

Jeremiah McMillan prepares for his party.

Gallo Pizzeria, 164 Castroville Road, got into the Halloween spirit Saturday night with a party that brought out the neighbors, folks just looking for some fun and, well, the undead

What’s a party without zombies these days? The flesh-eaters were joined by bearded nuns, skeletons, a wacky witch and a walking dollar bill among the costumes people wore to the gathering, which featured free beer, a live band and, of course, plenty of pizza.

A pizza at Gallo.

Gallo is owned by Jeremiah and Stephanie McMillan. Her father had run El Gallo, a haven of Mexican favorites including barbacoa, in the same spot in years before.

The pizzeria is gaining a following because of its well-made pies, made all the better because of their inventive toppings, including spicy additions in the Tex-Mex mold, such as the Diablo, as well as its chicken wings, gyros and salads.

Secrets and Irises (and zombies?) perform.

A saucy witch

You can choose from a broad array of toppings, arranged in images ranging from a jack o’lantern to Batman’s crest. But best of all are the artful arrangement of toppings, which Jeremiah McMillan always seems to be improving.

I recently suggested a salt lovers’ pizza, and he crafted a dream of a pie with artichoke hearts, capers and anchovies, all with bourbon-cured salmon and a sprinkle of peppery arugula as finishing touches. (This one is not on the menu, but if it tempts your taste buds, call the restaurant in advance to see if one can be made for you. Or modify it to your tastes.)

For more information on Gallo Pizzeria, call (210) 264-0077.

What devilish tricks are these nuns up to?

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2 Responses to “Gallo Pizzeria Scares Up Some Fun”

  1. Jeremiah says:

    What a fun article! We had a blast and thank you to John Griffin for coming out!