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Will BurgerFi Leave you Saying ‘Semper Fi’?

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I stopped into BurgerFi, the new burger joint at the Shops at La Cantera, to check out the grass-fed Angus burgers that the new chain prides itself in offering.

I eat mostly grass-fed beef at home. It’s a flavor I remember from my childhood, when my folks would share the costs of a cow with another family. And it’s supposedly a lot better for you, with reports touting it having higher Omega 3 levels than wild-caught salmon, while conventional beef is high in Omega 6s, the kind that aren’t so good for you.

So, I was all set for a healthful treat. Surely, the burger was a thing of beauty, piled high with bacon and a fried egg (OK, so I leveled the playing field somewhat). Even the bun was branded, giving it an extra note of seriousness.

But looks can be deceiving, right? The truth lies in the taste. Well, I have to admit that BurgerFi had awfully good taste for a chain burger. It was certainly better than some of the other supposedly hand-crafted burger chains that I have found exceptionally overrated. (Five Guys, anyone? Puh-leeze.)

The patty was perhaps cooked a little too done for my taste, but the natural, lightly grassy flavor in the beef complemented the hickory bacon and egg as well as the lettuce, pickles and grilled onions piled into the bun. It was so tall that biting into was a sloppy, smeary delight. So, keep plenty of napkins on hand. You’ll need them.

Not into red meat? BurgerFi offers the VegeFi made with quinoa and topped with white cheddar. I didn’t go there, though.

Instead of fries on the side, I had the 100 Percent Wagyu Kobe Hot Dog, Chicago-style, which was a treat, right down to the celery salt and neon relish. (Again, if you don’t want red meat, you can order a chicken and apple dog. I didn’t go there, either.)

I splurged on dessert and had a frozen custard with my choice of mix-ins. The chocolate confection with coconut, chocolate toffee and cherries was a mixed blessing, however. The coconut and chocolate toffee were both fine, but the custard itself was unctuous, but curiously flat and shy on flavor. Plus, there was only one cherry, reserved for the top. Perhaps the vanilla custard shows off the cream and eggs, promised on the menu, in a better light.

There’s a so-called “secret menu” worth checking out because it offers everything from a grilled cheese to the “green” style in which you can get your burger on lettuce instead of a high-carb bun. You’ll find that BurgerFi offers a number of other intriguing features, such as offering fresh-cut fries, fresh squeezed lemonade and Mexican Coca-Cola made with sugar. You can even get your fries “limp,” which are cooked, as the menu says, “opposite of well done, more raw than most people like them,” but still the way some people prefer.

If you enjoy dining some place that pays that much attention to detail, even though it’s considered fast food options, then given BurgerFi a try.

The Shops at La Cantera
15900 La Cantera Parkway
(210) 362-1187


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