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The Dish: La Fonda on Main’s Fish Tacos Surpass Ordinary

The Dish: La Fonda on Main’s Fish Tacos Surpass Ordinary

At La Fonda on Main, I stopped in for a late lunch, thinking about spinach enchiladas, which are a guaranteed way to make yourself feel good about ordering something healthy.

La Fonda’s fish tacos, of lightly breaded flounder, with a spinach, avocado and mango salad on the side.

But the fish tacos started calling when I opened the menu, and soon they landed on the table, assuring me I’d made no mistake. Lots and lots of vegetables, with a few golden edges of crisply breaded flounder peeking out, were all stacked up on corn tortillas. Tender, warm, and I’d say handmade tortillas. The spinach and mango salad on the side was a generous bonus.

They say hunger is the best sauce. Here, I had no fewer than four sauces (or dressings) and any one of them could give hunger a run for its money.

The table salsa is fresh tomato and chile. I used a little for chip dipping but saved the rest for the main course.

The fish was topped with a cabbage, radish and red cabbage slaw in a dressing very lightly flavored with smoky chipotle chile. Topping it all off were pink-red slices of tangy pickled onions.

The green sauce served in the ramekin on the side was a creamy avocado, seasoned lightly with cilantro. If you added some of the table salsa to the other two sauces — it all made a beautiful kind of sense.

The dressing on the spinach and mango salad was mango, maybe some cilantro and a small amount of oil. The salad was composed of  tiny cubes of fresh tomato, sliced avocado and mango, a little salt from queso fresco and added crunch from a scattering of pine nuts.

Frijoles? Rice? Not served with these fish tacos — and definitely not needed, either!

La Fonda on Main is at 2415 N. Main Ave., and owned by Cappy and Suzie Lawton.


Photo by Bonnie Walker/SavorSA





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