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Ask a Foodie: Did Guacamole Originate in Texas, California or Mexico?

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This dish of guacamole, with chopped tomato garnish and red corn chips was prepared by chef Scott Grimmitt at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard for a recent open house.

A friend and I were discussing where guacamole comes from. He said that it was developed in California, decades ago. I thought it came from Mexico. Where does this wonderful avocado dip come from? And, what is the “authentic” way to make it.  — P. K.

A. Guacamole is, indeed, a delicious dish from the gods – the ones who created the avocado, whose buttery-textured fruit is a good source of healthy, monounsaturated fat.

To answer your question, our understanding is that the first guacamole was made centuries ago by the Aztecs, who were native residents of Mexico. According to Wikipedia, the original guacamole was made by mashing the avocado in a molcajete and adding a little sea salt.

“Early recipes from the California Avocado Advisory Board (Calavo), published in the 1940s, were accompanied with a pronunciation suggestion: ‘Say Huakamole’. Later marketers tried to create a  Pacific Island image of the avocado in the 1960s, and a Spanish or Mediterranean image in the 1970s.”

These days, most guacamole recipe ingredients do begin with avocados and salt, then start adding anything from garlic and lemon juice to orange juice and roasted corn kernels. Onion and chopped tomatoes are common add-ins, and some people stir in sour cream or yogurt, or even mayonnaise. (If you are making guacamole, please don’t add mayo!)

Here is a link to a “tastes-like” recipe for Chile’s Roasted Corn Guacamole

Chili’s recipe makes use of this delicious ingredient.



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2 Responses to “Ask a Foodie: Did Guacamole Originate in Texas, California or Mexico?”

  1. lemurleaf says:

    mmmm… guacamole! I like it with fresh lime juice, salt and garlic as a minimum. A bit of finely minced jalapeno is nice, too.