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Don Strange: 60 Years By the Numbers; Trends to Come

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More than 60 years of catering means a bigger shopping list than we can even imagine. Here is what the catering company says they have ordered, prepared and served in the span of six decades.

Over the years, the numbers say it all

Flutes of Champagne – 2.5 million
Pounds of beef tenderloin – 16.5 million
Pounds of chocolate – 1 million
Avocados – 1.2 million
Shrimp – 2.4 million
Pounds of masa for gorditas – 475 tons
Grilled White Wings – 3 million
Number of events catered at the White House – 2
Texas governor Iiaugural balls – 15
Events for Henry “The Fonz” Winkler – 3
Catered for the president of the United States – 3
Served John Wayne – 1
Number of celebrities served – too many to count!
Number of non-profit dollars DST has helped raise – more than $10 million

“One of our keys to success is we make an event all about the client. We don’t want our clients to feel like we’ve created something directly from a magazine or following a trend—we may be inspired by a trend, but what we create we make for that client.  That’s served us well — customizing never goes out of style”

Brian Strange, president and CEO of Don Strange of Texas and the third generation of the family to lead the business.

The “Eat St.” crew films Say.She.Ate.

Elderflower Elixir and Super Fruit Sunrise from Fogo de Chão.

Looking Ahead:  Culinary Trends that will Flavor our World

•Pickling/preserving/canning vegetables and fruits at home

•Street foods and food trucks are still growing, and global street foods will continue to be strong, adding variety to the offerings

•Home cooking/cooking classes: People are experimenting, learning, becoming more hands-on

•Spices, new/different, unusual—more easily available

•Beer and beer pairings, outdoor beer garden parties

•Cocktails: Classic cocktails, old recipes with new twists are big

•Farm to Table: Our awareness of where our food comes from continues to grow, people want to know how their food is being farmed, where it comes from and questions about growing our own food. Farmer’s Markets, community gardens and co-ops will continue to grow in popularity.

•Healthy foods: On a day to day basis, people are seeking low-salt, low-fat, high flavor foods—we want healthy, but we want it to be delicious.

•Roasting: Roasted vegetables has been big, but we’re seeing different flavors, like curry or za’atar, a Mediterranean spice, being added.

•Going global on many scales — combinations of multi-cultural foods duck taco with lime sake slaw

•Korean (Kimcheé), Indian and Greek food

•Comfort foods – upscale twists and indulgence – truffle mac and cheese

•Whole animals – excluding bone marrow; using more duck, goat, lamb

•Roasting and drying lighter sauces, citrus peels, eggplant, tofu


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