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Enjoy Your Turkey Leftovers Without All the Guilt

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Shane’s turkey salad uses leftovers, tastes great and is good for you.

Thanksgiving is over, but you’ve still got plenty of leftover turkey, right?

You could use that meat in a host of traditional dishes, a litany of which Jean Shepherd recites in “A Christmas Story.” But not all of those dishes are exactly at the top of a dietitian’s list of healthful choices.

That’s where the folks from Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts can help.

They’re offering a pair of salad recipes using leftover turkey. Both are easy to make, are good for you and taste great. They include:

Shane has begun offering its blend of nutrition, fitness and behavior control at the Westin La Cantera, 16641 La Cantera Parkway. On the menu is the chicken salad version of the turkey salad above, and it has earned high marks from people who’ve tried it.

For more information on Shane, click here.

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