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Lift Your Spirits with These Holiday Drinking Games

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Tired of playing Edward 40 Hands or Beer Pong? You can jazz up your holiday party with a new drinking game.

Just let the folks at Leighelena, 312 Pearl Parkway, give you a choice of Drinking Dreidels and The 12 Drinking Games of Christmas.

With Hanukkah starting Saturday, Drinking Dreidels ($8) may be just the thing for those who want a fast-paced version of quarters that will have your head spinning as fast as the dreidels. Shouting “Gimel!” will never be the same.

As for the 12 Drinking Games of Christmas ($12), well, here’s what the package says, “Santa knows you have been naughty this year! Embrace your sinful ways with twelve fun, festive drinking games to celebrate Christmas! Game names spoof popular Christmas carols, such as Do You Drink What I Drink? and The Wise 3-Man.”

Both come from Kepher Games, which apparently believes that its audience is made of up those whose Christmas wish is simply to survive.

Just remember to drink responsibly.


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