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Need Tips for Super Bowl Spread? We Can Help

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Whether you watch the Super Bowl or not,  on Sunday you will eat: This game day is one of the country’s biggest group snack attacks.

We wouldn’t even hazard a guess as to how many gallons of chili and guacamole will be scooped up around San Antonio, or how many thousands of pizzas, tamales and chicken wings will disappear, washed down by tankards of beer on Super Bowl Sunday.

But why guess? Make your own contribution to the countrywide feast. Below, we’ll offer a few different suggestions that might help you along.  Some are simple, some take a little effort. All of them, we promise, taste good.

Freeetail Beer and Cheese 21. Artisan ham slices, figs, melon and olives:  Sliced prosciutto and melon is classic Italian, but with other specialty hams in stores now we’d also pile shavings of Spain’s Jamon Serrano and Jamon Iberico onto the platter, and some good quality, thinly sliced smoked ham.

Add a dish of mixed olives, dried Kalymara figs cut in half and slices of fresh melon (We like Crenshaw and cantaloupe.) Provide a crock of unsalted butter, and slices of crusty bread, too.

Cheese, fruit, crudites – all are welcome at any party.

2. Green Goddess Dressing/Spread: Here’s a salad dressing that really deserves a comeback, especially if you are an anchovy lover. We tossed the dressing with a big bowlful of crunchy romaine lettuce and croutons for dinner recently. The next day we served it as a dip, with pita chips; that worked too. The Green Goddess would also be great served in a bowl (make plenty) with a tray of crudites, too, for those who’d rather crunch veggies than carbs. Green Goddess Dressing.

beer icy3. Queso Fundido: Here, from chef and author Rick Bayless, is one very tempting recipe for melted cheese, chiles — and a bit of tequila as well. Rick Bayless’ Queso Fundido

4. Rare Beef Tenderloin: OK, a tenderloin of beef costs something, but your guests are worth it, right? Sear a trimmed and seasoned beef tenderloin, then cook it only to the very rare stage. Cool it. When ready to serve, get out the sharp knife and slice very thin. Spread the pieces out on a plate and garnish with anything from spicy sprouts and radishes to green onions and pickles. Add a garnish dressing or condiment, such as creamed horseradish, butter, an Asian flavored sauce to or a mix of mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. We like tiny squares of cocktail pumpernickel bread with this.

5. Texas-style Chili: Here’s a tried and true method that can be adapted to tastes — spicy or less spicy, with beans or without. Serve with grated cheese and chopped onions. It’s made to warm all that football spirit. Texas-style Chili

A few more great-tasting snacks from SavorSA’s files:

guacamoleSpicy nuts, three recipes, all good.

Quick and easy:  a whole list of suggestions

Guacamole, of course. We like this recipe: Here is a link to a “tastes-like” recipe for Chile’s Roasted Corn Guacamole

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