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Get Your Fill of Crawfish This Spring

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Crawdads at Dry Dock.

Crawdads at Dry Dock.

They’ve got a number of names — crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, lobsters, mudbugs and yabbies, to list a few of the more common. But delicious is the word that most comes to mind.

That and the fact that they’re in season right now.

San Antonio seems to have developed crawfish fever this spring, and you can find them at a number of places around town, especially at eateries that specialize in Cajun food.

Luke, 125 E. Houston St., is featuring a crawfish boil every Friday this month with the crustaceans going for $5 a pound.

Dry Dock Oyster Bar, 8522 Fredericksburg Road, has the little beauties boiled in Cajun spice for $5.75 a pound. The plate comes with drawn butter and a new potato.

Acadiana Cafe, 1289 S.W. Loop 410, not only has them boiled and served by the pound, but you can also get fried crawfish tails

Where Y’At at the Alamo Street Eat Bar, 609 S. Alamo St., has a crawfish boil on Tuesdays through the beginning of June or as long as they’re good, owner Pieter Sypesteyn says.

Fat Bellies Cajun Food Truck from Boerne, which often stops at the Point Parks and Eats on Boerne Stage Road, has been having boils with corn and potatoes since the season began. Call (210) 410-7886 for details.

If you want to have your own boil at home, you can find live crawfish — and they must be live — at Groomer”s Seafood, 9801 McCullough Ave., on Fridays and at select H-E-B’s.

To plan your own crawfish boil, click here for a recipe and advice.

If you know of any other place that offers crawfish, email with the details.

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