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This Year Marks 65 Years of Partying for NIOSA.

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At NIOSA, it's a haven of meat on a stick, including Bongo K-Bobs.

At NIOSA, it’s a haven of meat on a stick, including Bongo K-Bobs.

The 65th annual version of A Night in Old San Antonio was underway, and the first two nights were marked by welcome if unseasonably cool breezes and hot fun for friends who just can’t get enough of the city’s best and most boisterous party.

Fiesta hats galore.

Fiesta hats galore.

It’s the perfect place for people watching. That is, if you can find a place where the press of human flesh gives way enough for you to enjoy the sights. That’s why so many working the booths love the safety of their stations: There’s a bit of breathing room with a great vantage point.

All the better to admire the mile-high hats decorated in all shapes and colors as they tower above the crowds. Some are so large that you have to wonder how the women and even some men wearing them could hold their head high for so long.

Don't forget the cascarones.

Don’t forget the cascarones.

But you need to throw yourself into the mix in order to get to an ear of corn on the cob or fried green tomatoes, quasadillas or churros, fried mushrooms or frogs legs, all treats that make NIOSA so special. Then there are the snacks on a stick: the anticuchos, the Broadway chicken, the Bongo K-Bobs, sausages, and the Yak-i-tori, to name a few of the favorites.

Of course, beer flows freely as a river, not to mention the wine, sangria and wine margaritas, all helping keep the adults happy.

You may not know it, but it takes more than 16,000 volunteers to run NISOA, which is a fundraiser for the San Antonio Conservation Society. Quite a few of them work all year to make four nights of unforgettable fun. You’ve only got two nights left this year. What are you waiting for?

Don’t forget to pick up a cascarone or two so you can crown your friends with confetti as colorful as all of NIOSA.

Photos by Phillip Kent.

What a hat!

What a hat!

Lonesome Louie adds his music to the scene.

Lonesome Louie adds his music to the scene.

Beer. It's even illuminated.

Beer. It’s even illuminated.




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