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Celebrate Canada Day with a Smoked Meat Sandwich and Poutine

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It’s time to brush up your rendition of “O, Canada.”

hangarThe Hangar and the Hangar Tavern are celebrating Canada Day on Monday, July 1.

In honor of the day, the original Hangar,  at 8203 Broadway, will be serving their Canadian Smoked Meat Sandwich at a special price of $7, while the poutine, or Frenchy’s Fries, are half off. The sister location, Hangar Tavern at 14532 Brook Hollow, will also have the sandwiches that day for $7.

The Hangar offered this background into the sandwich: “The Smoked Meat Sandwich takes 5 days to prepare. They begin with a slab of brisket and season it with a secret blend of spices. Then the meat is rubbed and cured for 5 days until it is slow cooked for 5 hours. It is served on rye bread with mustard, a pickle spear, and home-cut fries. This delicious meat candy will inspire your taste buds and leave you wanting more!”

The original Hangar’s menu features the usual array of burgers, wings, fried pickles and more. But it is the French-Canadian entrees, inspired by their owners’ hometown of Montreal that makes the menu unique. Poutine, listed as Frenchy’s Fries, is made with hand-washed and cut potatoes that are fried to order and then smothered with both regular and aged cheddar as well as the Hangar’s special beef gravy.

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