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For Life’s LIttle Emergencies, It’s Best to Carry Your Own Salt with You

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maldon sea saltHave you ever been to a pretentious restaurant where you felt you had to harass the waiter in order to get some salt for your table? It’s only topped in the aggravation department by one of those faux Asian places where they hand you a bottle of low-sodium soy sauce and, with a straight face, said, “It’s Chinese salt.”

Well, there’s no need to have to put up with that kind of asinine, anti-customer service behavior.

My colleague, Bonnie Walker, has written about the collection of salt packets she carries with her, because she likes salt on her food. It is the way millions of us prefer to eat — including many chefs.

But those little white packets, found at fast food places everywhere, contain iodized salt, which has, well, the flavor of iodine.

So, let’s give thanks to the folks at Maldon Sea Salt for helping matters immeasurably with a new little item they have begun to market: tins filled with flakes of sea salt in them. Each one is smaller than a mint tin, so it’ll fit quite comfortably in your pocket, and it’s easy to refill from a larger bottle of the salt.

Sur la Table carries the tins at the counter. They sell for $2 apiece.

So, arm yourself before you head out to dine. You never know when you’ll need it.

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