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Take the Edge Off the Heat with an Icy ‘Pop-tail’

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Have you ever looked at your kids’ paletas and wanted one, only with a little extra kick? That’s the secret behind these easy adult popsicles, which are made with Basil Hayden’s Bourbon.

Celebrity mixologist Rob Floyd whipped up these frozen treats, which he calls “pop-tails,” and they’re guaranteed to add a little sparkle to your to next celebration.

Just don’t get your adult versions mixed up with the kids’.

In the following recipes, use a 1.5-ounce shot glass to measure 1 part. (For some potent potables made with gin, whiskey and vodka, click here.)

Berry American

Berry American

Berry American

12 blueberries
7 parts Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, divided use
4-5 strawberries, medium size
2 parts fresh lime juice
1 1/2 parts elderflower syrup (see note)
2 parts water

Poke a hole in each blueberry and soak in 4 parts of bourbon for 30 minutes. Set aside.

Add strawberries to cocktail shaker and muddle.

Add fresh lime juice, elderflower syrup, remaining bourbon and water to the cocktail shaker and shake hard.

Add to the popsicle molds.

Add three bourbon-soaked blueberries to each mold and freeze.

Note: Elderflower syrup is available at GauchoGourmet, 935 Isom Road.

Makes 6 popsicles.

From Rob Floyd/Basil Hayden’s

Spice Chocolate Independence

Spice Chocolate Independence

Basil Hayden’s Spiced Chocolate Independence

16 parts low-fat milk
1 1/2 parts unsweetened cocoa powder
1 1/2 parts sugar
1 (4-ounce) bar dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces.
2 parts Basil Hayden’s Bourbon
4-5 dashes chipotle chile pepper sauce, to taste

In a saucepan over low heat, combine milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, dark chocolate and warm, stirring continuously until all ingredients are combined. (Do not boil.)

Remove from heat and let cool.

Add bourbon and chipotle sauce and stir.

Add to popsicle mold and freeze.

Makes 6 popsicles.

Adapted from Rob Floyd/Basil Hayden’s

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