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Enjoy a Taste of Myron’s Prime Steak House During Restaurant Week

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When I saw that Myron’s Prime Steak House was part of the lineup for this year’s Restaurant Week, I knew it would be one of the places I had to visit. Apparently, quite a few others had the same idea, too, because by the time we dined there on Tuesday, there were 11 in our party, all enjoying the three-course dinner special for $35. And we were not alone in the house.

Myron's pork chop with apple chutney.

Myron’s pork chop with apple chutney.

Each of the meals on the special menu begins with Myron’s signature wedge salad, which actually includes a few field greens in addition to the traditional iceberg lettuce. But it is the dressing that is the real star of the show. I’ve long been a fan of the restaurant’s house-made thousand island, which I’ve enjoyed at both of Myron’s locations, on Northwest Military Highway and in New Braunfels; so, I decided to branch out and try the blue cheese, which proved to be dense and chunky, yet covered the lettuce thoroughly in its rich excess. Others at our table enjoyed the gorgonzola and the balsamic vinaigrette, though the ranch was found to be a little thin.

The wedge salad with blue cheese dressing

The wedge salad with blue cheese dressing

Entree options included salmon with capers and a moist, bone-in chicken breast with a light touch of rosemary. Then there was an oversized pork chop topped with an apple chutney that satisfied many at the table because that rich pork flavor came through in every bite.

Because Myron’s is a steakhouse, the last option among the entrees was a prime filet, and it could prove to be the most controversial item on the prix fixe menu. It’s because the cut offered during Restaurant Week isĀ  4 ounces, hardly what some would call sufficient in a city where a competing steakhouse offers a 32-ounce pork chop. It could be considered a bargain, however, when you compare the $35 price of the special menu with the prices of the full-sized steaks on the menu (I remember the T-bone being listed at $52). Such a petite filet admittedly appears small on the plate, even when accompanied by two spicy shrimp and vegetables. Yet it should also be mentioned that 4 ounces is the recommended daily portion of meat that we should be consuming. I know I eat more than that at most meals, but I ordered the steak anyway. And I was glad I did. The meat was served medium rare as ordered. Each cut gave way tenderly at the touch of the steak knife. And it caressed my tongue, filling my mouth with a juicy, earthy richness that a well-prepared steak offers. A swirl of 2010 Stackhouse Napa Cabernet Sauvignon made it go down in style. (I was satisfied with the portion size, but if you’re about quantity when you dine out, go for the pork chop.)

The 4-ounce filet with shrimp

The 4-ounce filet with shrimp

That particular wine came recommended by our attentive, helpful server, who made sure we had what we needed, from cocktails to warm bread. He also went out of his way with two members of the party who avoid gluten. Since they couldn’t have either the massive chocolate cake or the cheesecake with berries, the two dessert options on the Restaurant Week menu, he offered them a bowl of warm ganache, which was had been used to frost the cake.

The dense chocolate cake was large enough for two, and the velvety ganache was so dark and inviting that my fork kept darting back for another bite. But the best flavor of all was the mint leaf used as a garnish dredged in all that chocolate.

A final note on the bar: When I sat down early in the evening I had wanted a whiskey sour to take some of the edge off the heat of the day. I quickly found out that it would not be made the traditional way with an egg white to add texture, but I decided to go ahead and had it made with one of the ryes on the extensive menu. The tang of lemon juice in that drink, blended with the spicy rye, made it as much a delight as anything else served that evening.

Restaurant Week continues through Saturday. For details on participants, click here.

Myron’s Prime Steak House
10003 N.W. Military Hwy.
(210) 493-3031


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