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Wild Game, Fresh Truffles at GauchoGourmet Saturday

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Black truffles are here!

Truffles, a great seasonal taste, especially when fresh.

Stock up on some of the best tastes of the season this Saturday.

GauchoGourmet, 935 Isom Road is holding a Wild Game Tasting event on Dec. 14, featuring a selection of seasonal game meat specialties with discounted pricing including lamb and venison prosciutto by Salumeria Biellese, wild boar and venison sausages as well as Mangalitsa pancetta.

Customers will be able to sample the different meats and watch chef Tyler Horstmann of Tejas Steakhouse and other renowned chefs from San Antonio Chefs Cooperative, including Jeff White of Boiler House, Tyler Horstmann of Tejas Steakhouse and Isaac Cantu of Cordillera Ranch preparing wild game products.

Also available will be two kinds of fresh truffles, black Burgundy and white Alba truffles – sold by the ounce.

Alexander Vineyards of Fredericksburg will be sampling and selling fine French wines and Johnson’s Backyard Garden is onsite with local and organic produce.

If you want to stud your lamb with rosemary, do it lightly.

If you want to stud your lamb with rosemary, do it lightly.

Something new — Hudspeth River Ranch all-natural lamb from will be available from Comstock, Texas. Choose from rack of lamb, loin chop T-bones and ground lamb. (All natural, no added hormones or antibiotics, 100 percent grass fed.)

GauchoGourmet is at 935 Isom Road.  210-277-7930 or fax 210-497-2364.

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