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By the Light of the Red Moon

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The red moon is fast approaching -- and what better way to greet this than with a cocktail so red that it shines by the light of the moon? red moonThe Red Moon is a variation on the classic Singapore Sling with the cherry flavor given a pop in terms of both flavor and color. So, you need a bright red soda, such as Cherry 7-Up, as opposed to Dr Pepper, which is too dark. In the same way, you want the sweeter maraschino or the drier kirshwasser, both of which are clear. Red Moon 1/2 ounce lime juice 2 ounces gin 1 ounce clear cherry liqueur, such as maraschino or kirshwasser Bright red cherry soda, such as Cherry 7-Up or Frostie Cherry Limeade 1 maraschino cherry Fill a Collins glass with ice. Squeeze in lime juice. Add gin and maraschino. Stir. Fill the rest of the glass with cherry soda. Add a straw. Garnish with a maraschino cherry. Makes 1 cocktail. From John Griffin  
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