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At McDonald’s, It’s Hotcakes for Lunch and an Egg McMuffin for Dinner

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mcdonalds-Sausage-McMuffin-with-EggHave you ever shown up at a McDonald’s at about 11 a.m. with a hankering for a sausage burrito and being told you’re too late for that eye-opener?

No more.

Starting Tuesday, McDonald’s is serving breakfast all day long.

That’s right, you can have an Egg McMuffin sandwich, hotcakes platters and sides, such as fruit and yogurt, all day long.

The availability of hash browns varies by location, so if that means as much to you as a cup of fresh decaf or a stack of hotcakes with sausage, then do your homework and call first.

mcdonald's hotcakes“We are thrilled that our San Antonio customers can now experience McDonald’s breakfast any time of the day,” said Jesse Guajardo, a McDonald’s franchise owner. “Our all-day breakfast menu includes a combination of iconic sandwiches, like the Egg McMuffin, and wholesome choices, such as Fruit & Maple Oatmeal. We are truly excited to give our customers what they have been asking for for so long.”

This move should be a big winner for McDonald’s. More than 120,000 people tweeted the fast-food restaurant in the past year alone asking for all-day breakfast, according a press release from the local McDonald’s franchises.


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