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Treat Yourself to an Assortment of Russian Candies

Treat Yourself to an Assortment of Russian Candies

I haven’t been to Russia, but I do have some Russian blood in me, thanks to my grandfather, Ivan Woloskiewitsch. Perhaps that’s why I fell so hard for the Russian candies that I founds in the markets I visited when I was in Little Odessa in Brooklyn.

Russian candies from Sasha's.

Russian candies from Sasha’s.

Or maybe it’s because I’m a chocolate addict at heart.

Whatever the reason, I loved seeing all the bowls of various candies that you could buy in bulk. All of them come in bright, colorful wrappings that don’t always tell you what’s inside — unless you read the Cyrillic alphabet, that is. And I don’t.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a store in San Antonio that sells these wonderful treats. It’s Sasha’s European Market at 8023 Callaghan Road, and I’ve passed the storefront for months without ever noticing it.

The store has been there for seven years, selling Eastern European specialties from ground sorrel and green garlic sprouts to wines from Russia and Georgia (not the state). If you go past the jars of celery salad and marinated pickles with prunes, you’ll find the bowls of candies in their bright array of red, blue and green wrappers. Some sport images of Red Riding Hood or bears playing in the woods. Others display pictures of what’s inside. One was even called Vodka, which needs no translation, though the actual alcohol content of the candy was fairly low.

If you haven’t tried these Russian candies before, please don’t expect to bite into something akin to M&M’s or a Mars bar. Marshmallows are used in some, jellies in others. Dried fruit, including prunes, can be seen on a label or two. Others are complete surprises. You may bite into chocolate-covered wafers filled with hazelnut cream or dark chocolate with lemon.

The candies sell for $9.99 a pound and would make a great addition to any St. Nicholas celebration on Dec. 6 or any time of the year.

For more information, call the store at (210) 348-7788.

Tim’s is expanding

Tim’s Oriental & Seafood Market, 7015 Bandera Road, is getting bigger. The store is staying put, but it’s also taking over the space once occupied by Peng’s Chinese Restaurant. The work should be completed within the next three weeks.

In the meantime, you can still get a roasted duck (just like in the film “A Christmas Story” complete with the head on) for $19. Or you can get live blue crabs, roasted pork belly, yuzu juice, fresh bitter melon or Chinese Oreos, all of the stuff that makes Tim’s one of the many unique markets in San Antonio that we return to on a regular basis.

Tim's Oriental & Seafood Market

Tim’s Oriental & Seafood Market

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