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Beer of the Week: Belhaven Scottish Ale



Beer of the Week is sponsored by the Lion & Rose. Each week, we introduce you to a wonderful brew that’s a little bit different and well worth seeking out.




Belhaven Scottish Ale

It’s amazing that the people of Scotland can be known for producing both the magnificent complexity of finely aged Scotch and the bizarre oddity that is haggis, a mash of sheep’s organs (heart, liver and lungs) with oatmeal, suet and seasonings.

Thankfully, the Scottish brew Belhaven is more like the former than the latter. This is one beautiful brew, marked by its rusty appearance, with flashes of red and copper. When you pour it, the off-white head climbs fairly high but dissipates relatively quickly to a nice lace.

A nutty aroma with the sweet pull of toffee greets your nose with subtle notes of malt, yeast and even coffee rounding out the edges.

Pleasant, yes, but not as enjoyable as the flavor. Malt and coffee mingle more forceful on the palate than in the bouquet, with hops and caramel offering a delicious balancing act of bitter and sweet.The finish is dry and delicious, making this eminently quaffable. So, have another print and enjoy responsibly.

It’s fairly easy to pair this ale with food. Think of anything with beef and you should be happy. At the Lion and Rose, that could be one of the steaks or the Sidekick Burgers, sliders worth sharing with friends as a meaty snack. Shepherd’s Pie, with its dense potato topping covering slow-cooked beef, or even a pasty, a kind of British empanada with ground beef, potato, onion and more in pastry and crowned in onion gravy.

It might even go well with haggis, but, thankfully, that’s not on the menu at the Lion and Rose.

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