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Drink Regional Wine Week Is Under Way

DrinkLocalWine’s fourth annual Drink Regional Wine Week is now under way.

The purpose of the program is to help get wine drinkers to try something local. And to make the experience of becoming a locapour even more rewarding, the organization is have a contest during the week.

Everyone (over the age of 21, that is) is invited to submit stories or anecdotes about their local pour in 47 words or less.

DrinkLocalWine’s 47 Words Contest ends at midnight ET Saturday, Oct. 15.

The rules are simple: write 47 words following the theme that there are hidden gems among the other 47 wine producing states (that is, those states outside California, Oregon and Washington). If you know one of those gems, whether it’s a wine, a producer or a region, tell us about it in 47 words. Entries can be emailed to

DrinkLocalWine board members will select winners based on creativeness, inventiveness and whether they’re 47 words long. Prizes for the winners include:

  • Tickets to DLW 2012: Colorado the fourth annual regional wine conference in Denver in April 2012;
  • Autographed copies of Todd Kliman’s best-selling book, The Wild Vine;
  • Copies of The Sipping Point, written by Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach, as well as two combo packs of the book and her DVD; and
  • Packages of Wine Shields, the innovative way to preserve open wine.

For information about Regional Wine Week, the essay contest, or to submit a story link, call 978-276-9463 or email the above address. For more on DrinkLocalWine, click here.

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