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Satisfy Your Sashimi Cravings with Some Seasonal Shiso at Godai

Shiso with sashimi at Godai Sushi Bar.

Shiso with sashimi at Godai Sushi Bar.

Have you ever had a shiso leaf in a sashimi salad and wondered exactly what it was? Well, Shiso leaves, also known as perilla, grow in a number of Asian cultures, and their uses are myriad within the regional cuisines there because of its pungent aroma and bold flavors. It’s not surprising that there are various types of leaves within the family, each slightly different and unique.

Shiso leaves growing in front of Godai Sushi Bar.

Shiso leaves growing in front of Godai Sushi Bar.

The Korean version is called either deulkkae or tŭlkkae, which means “wild sesame” or “sesame leaf,” even though it has no relation to sesame whatsoever, according to Wikipedia.

This leaf grows in spring and summer, and you can find it planted in a herb bed in front of Godai Sushi Bar, 11203 West Ave.

Owner and sushi master William “Goro” Pitchford takes one of the just-picked large leaves and sits its bottom half in tempura batter before deep-frying it. Then he arranges a little bite of sashimi and some roe on top of each, creating a special treat that is as fresh as it gets. The shiso has a slight mint quality and freshness that is perfect for the seafood. The array of leaves on the platter is also a real eye-catcher.

So, go to Godai while the shiso leaves last and enjoy this one-of-a-kind treat.

For more information on Godai, click here.

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Welcome to the Summer of Riesling

Summer is upon us, in case you hadn’t noticed. And that means it’s time for the fifth annual Summer of Riesling celebration.

Never heard of the Summer of Riesling?

We hadn’t either. But we’re always in the mood for a good Riesling. And that’s what this global campaign is about, making sure as many people as possible know the magic — and the endless fun — of a fine Riesling.

Locally, the folks at Godai Sushi Bar, 11203 West Ave., and the Monterey, 1127 S. St. Mary’s St., are taking part by offering Rieslings by the glass to go with their food. If you don’t know how good that is, just taste sushi with Riesling. The combination is outrageously good, as is pairing a bold Riesling with Benton’s Country Ham and pimento cheese at the Monterey.

Throughout the month of July, the focus is on German Rieslings, noted for their great complexity, bright acidity, and a wealth of flavors. Wine merchant Woody de Luna, considered to be one of the foremost Riesling experts in the world, is promoting German Rieslings through his shop, Vintages 2.0, 8603 Crownhill Blvd.

A couple of the wines he’s offering, accompanied by his descriptions:

  • 2008 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett — Classic Mosel delicacy (8% alcohol) with that sorbet tension between fruit and acidity. From the “Sun Dial” vineyard (Sonnenuhr) that is a continuation from Wehlen’s side of this the greatest Mosel vineyard.
  • 2009 Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett Halbtrocken — From “Heaven’s Kingdom” vineyard (so called because the vineyard is above the village church) this dryish, fresh wine filled with heirloom apple scents and dry Asian spice. Try with grilled scallops.

These are only two of the many Rieslings Vintages 2.0 carries. The shop is open is open Monday-Friday. For information, call (210) 410-0296.

Riesling is a grape that flourishes around the world producing wines that express their terroir in varied and wonderful ways. It grows in Germany, of course, but also in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, California, New York and Texas.. Some are dry and steely, some are fruity with great acid, and some are sweet. All show how versatile the grape can be.

For more information on the Summer of Riesling, click here.


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Godai Sushi Bistro Coming in Early 2010

Fans of Godai Sushi Bar & Restaurant, 11203 West Ave., will soon have a second location to get their sushi fix and more. Chef/owner William “Goro” Pitchford has announced that Godai Sushi Bistro will be opening in early spring of next year at the new Ridge Shopping Center, Loop 1604 and Lockhill-Selma Road.

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Godai Invites Kids for Halloween Treats

It’s no trick:  “William “Goro” Pitchford, chef and owner of Godai Sushi and Japanese Restaurant, 11023 West Ave., invites parents to bring kids to the restaurant to pick up Halloween treats, Oct. 31.

The restaurant will have Japanese candies  for trick-or-treaters.  A Bexar County officer will be on hand to direct traffic and help keep things safe.

“There is absolutely no obligation for anyone to buy anything,” says Goro.  Trick-or-treaters may come to the front door of the restaurant for their treats beginning at 6 p.m. on Halloween.

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