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Use All Your Senses When Creating Cocktails

How much do you now about making cocktails? Sure, you could follow a recipe, but the end result might not be exactly what you want. So, how do you correct it? Or how do you go about creating something suited for your tastes?

Can you identify flavors when blindfolded?

These were a few of the questions that Sly Cosmopoulos, corporate mixologist for Republic National Distributing Co., offered Saturday during the second annual San Antonio Cocktail Conference. She showed a full room how analyze flavors as a building block toward making a perfect cocktail.

The participants were occasionally blindfolded, as they tastes the likes of orange juice alongside blood orange juice, so they could discover for themselves if they could taste differences and even if they could identify what they were tasting.

Scent is more important than taste, when it comes to spirits, whether you’re talking a distilled beverage or wine. So, Cosmopoulos had them taste alcohol without seeing it or smelling it. So, as a few held their noses, they got to experience something that many found hard to identify.

“Tequila?” guessed one man.

“Bourbon or whiskey?” said a woman.

When they took off the blindfolds, they discovered that it was a whiskey, though most in the room talked more about the pure sensation of alcohol that they had experienced.

Texture is also important in a cocktail, and psychological perceptions come into play when you talk about texture. In the video above, watch Cosmopoulos describe how creamy cocktails conjure a different image from frothy ones.

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