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Dady Restaurants: Something Good is Cooking!

Dady Resto Cheese Plate


Tre Trattoria in Alamo Heights
Sunday Brunch 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Dinner until 9 p.m.
Weekly Happy Hour 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Tre Trattoria now has an exclusive Sunday Brunch menu to be enjoyed on the patio as you sip on Bellini’s and tantalize your palate with Eggs Benedict.   Brunch items include: Tre Favorites such as pulled-to-order mozzarella, Wagyu meatball with polenta, and pan-seared gnocchi, to name just a a few. New brunch items include Chicken Wings and Pork Scones, French Toast with Nutella, Strawberry and Maple, Veal Milanese “Benedict” with fried hen egg and saffron hollandaise, and Braised Beef Cheek “chilaquiles” with rapini pesto and oven-dried tomato. Then, save room for Tre’s famous homemade desserts — Nutella X3 will definitely be there! Also, for Bellini Carafes you can choose from peach, orange, strawberry or market flavors and Cherry Tomato Bloody Mary’s.  Gluten intolerant?  Tre is now making homemade gluten free pasta for its menu, so come in and enjoy: It’s the only of its kind in San Antonio.

DUK TruckThe DUK Truck

The DUK truck will be flying from place to place this summer, find the schedule online at Twitter @duktruck and facebook at If you really want to impress your guests at your next event have the DUK park in your driveway or parking lot. Call Liza today to schedule your catering event:  210-289-4955.

Tre Trattoria Downtown
Weekly: Saturday and Sunday brunches
Weekly:  Happy Hour 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Weekly:  Tuscan Tapas Special

Tre Trattoria Downtown will be continuing to feature their all-weekend brunches and weekly happy hour specials with the occasional extended Happy Hours on Downtown Tuesdays and Special Events. The restaurant will also feature a new weekly Tuscan Tapas menu. Grab your friends and come join the Downtown crew with some of the best Italian-meets-Spanish style eats. This includes: Margarita pie, Mini meatballs, Frito Misto with aioli, Mussels and Chorizo, Patatas Bravas, House Pulled Mozzarella and more to be added as the weeks go on. For more information (210)223-0401 or Find Tre on and follow on Twitter:@tretrattoria.

Two Bros BBQ BrisketTwo Bros BBQ
JULY 15-19: Texas Monthly BBQ Week
NEW:  Bocce ball  court
Weekend:  Live local bands

Two Bros. BBQ Market has been featured in Texas Monthly’s TOP 50 BBQ places in the entire state of Texas, and we all know how big Texas is.  Celebrate with Two Bros. for the entire week of July 15-19 devoted to BBQ. Two Bros will be featuring menu specials and a host of other events in partnership with Texas Monthly. Two Bros will be featuring a special on cherry-glazed BBQ baby back ribs as a special that week. Check out the state of the art bocce ball court and live outdoor music every Friday and Saturday.  For more information visit Twobrosbbq on facebook or Twitter @twobrosbbq.

BIN 555
Happy Hour 4-7 p.m.
Sunday Brunch: 10 a.m.-

BIN 555 will be hosting a $5 wine, $5 signature cocktail and $5 snack menu for their weekly happy hour from 4 -7 p.m. on weekdays. Weekends are filled with monthly special event dinners and brunch. BIN brunches are where mimosa carafes meet BIN Bacon Bloody Mary’s as well as seasonal menus to accompany your refreshments. Call (210) 496-0555 or  Find BIN on Facebookcom/bin555 and follow on Twitter: @bin555

555 W. Bitters Road at The Alley on Bitters.



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Big Apple Gets Some Texas-Sized Flavor

By Emily Stringer

Two of San Antonio’s local top chefs, Jason Dady of Jason Dady Restaurant Group and Jesse Perez of Arcade Midtown Kitchen, gathered with friends in New York recently to show how off their culinary skills, Texas style.

Jesse Perez, San Antonio chef and owner of Arcade, prepares for featured dinner at The Beard House in New York City.

Jesse Perez, San Antonio chef and owner of Arcade Midtown Kitchen, prepares for featured dinner at The Beard House in New York City.

Perez, whose restaurant is in the Pearl Brewery, debuted his culinary talents at the city’s prestigious James Beard House.

Perez is an award-winning chef known for his Latin-influenced cuisine, and he took pride in showcasing a fan favorite, his Lobster Tacos. Succulent, chunks of lobster were dressed with ají amarillo and sweet potatoes, then finished with a raja-corn relish and poblano crema.

Diners at The Beard House also welcomed Perez’s Crusted Akaushi Beef with creamy potato-turnip purée, caramelized brussels sprouts and a decadent pasilla chile-fig mole. The fig mole was the hit of the dinner: Diners commented on the flavor balance melding perfectly with the Akaushi beef.

Perez closed out his meal with a toast and a thank you to all the San Antonio diners who had traveled to New York to support him. His Latin style and honest food philosophy was surely the talk of the city that evening.

The following evening, Jason Dady showed a whimsical side to his culinary talents at New York’s City Grit, which bills itself as “a culinary salon.”

City Grit is brain child of Sarah Simmons, recently named one of America’s greatest new cooks by Food & Wine magazine. The salon describes itself as a place where an “inspiring chef” hosts a dinner showcasing his or her talents so that new flavors can be integrated into the New York culinary scene.

Dady’s dinner was a fusion of dishes from his restaurants. He showcased a bone marrow mousse and luxardo cherry jam macaron as an amuse bouche. This savory take on a dessert had a decadent, melt-in your-mouth texture and represented something one would see on the BIN 555 menu.

Bahn Mi for City Grit by Jason Dady.

Bahn Mi for City Grit by Jason Dady.

Dady’s Bahn Mi brought together giant shrimp, crisp pork belly,  buttered toast rounds, cucumber and carrot daikon pearls, before being finished off with a touch of Red Boat fish sauce vinaigrette.  Dady’s fourth course represented a bite from Tre Trattoria  and Two Bros. BBQ Market  — a tasting of eggplant with figs and some crisp Brisket Bark coming together for a true taste of Texas.

Dady and Perez attracted national attention with their meals in New York in June —  but you can try out their culinary talents here in San Antonio. Arcade Midtown Kitchen is at the Pearl, 303 Pearl Parkway. Dady’s restaurants are Tre Trattoria Downtown and Tre Trattoria Alamo Heights, Two Bros. BBQ Market and Bin 555.

Emily Stringer is a San Antonio blogger and freelance writer. Contact her at





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Heritage Hog Hoedown: Feasting at South Texas Heritage Pork Farm

Slow-braised Pork Butt Ragu on Polenta, second course at Farm, Food, Friends and Family.

By Chris Dunn

Sunday night, the Jason Dady Restaurant Group presented an outdoor evening of “Farm, Food, Friends, and Family” at the Floresville farm of Mark and Kelley Escobedo, owners of South Texas Heritage Pork.

“Our purpose here is to celebrate the taste and style of the pork they produce,” said Dady.  “They’re the best pigs in the state.”

First course: Ham and biscuits with Honey Butter.

A congregation of crossbred English Tamworth and Large Black hogs, oblivious to his praise, blissfully rooted in the background while chef /restaurateur Dady, his brother, Jake, and several volunteer sous-chefs prepared and passed hors d’oeuvres to the 47 people lucky enough to have a place at the table for this event.

The appetizers, which could have been a satisfying meal in themselves, included pork belly spring rolls with cilantro, mint, basil and nectarines; thin slices of braised pork belly wrapped loin; mini BLT sandwiches with the salty crunch of bacon and the tender sweetness of tomato confit; lardo (yes, pure pork fat) on toast; and one of the evening’s highlights—pork meatballs with bacon, pears, apples, guanciale (pork cheek) and fennel.

Realizing the mountain of pork I had yet to scale, I took a break and chatted with Kelley Escobedo about the farm.  “Taking care of pigs is simple, but not easy,” she said, explaining that the animals only require “food, water, shade, and shelter,” but providing for them takes time and attention.  “We listen to the animals, and they tell us what they need.”

Kelly Escobedo and chef Jason Dady

The Escobedos started raising hogs with the goal of providing healthier and more natural food options for their family. This led to the discovery of heritage breeds, which have largely been abandoned by corporate breeders as not being suited to confinement pens and large scale production.

“Because we weren’t farmers, we had no preconceived notions,” said Escobedo, adding that it worked to their advantage being open to non-conventional farming practices.  She pointed out that even though we were standing 10 feet away from a dozen hogs, there was no odor, because when the animals are unconfined and eat a natural diet, they lead cleaner and healthier lives.

The first course arrived.  House-cured smoked ham, buttermilk biscuits with honey butter, and two fruit jams—black pepper and plum, and lavender and pear—what could be better than breakfast for dinner?

The second course was Slow Braised Pork Butt Ragu with Dutch Oven Polenta, Cherry Tomato Confit, Blue Cheese and Red Onion Marmalade.  Dady pointed out that the ragu itself was very simple, focusing on the rich flavor of the meat.  The juices pooled around the meat and polenta had the mouth-feel of demi-glace.

The third course was served family style—large bowls of rustic, mustardy potato salad, locally grown squash and okra, and heaping platters of sous vide pork chops, cheeks, loins, and legs. It was more than anyone could eat; luckily, Dady provided containers for guests to take the leftovers home.

Approaching our porcine limit, we were presented one more course—Pig Cobbler—that featured scone nougat made with pork lard topped with braised late harvest peaches, nectarines and vanilla Chantilly cream.  Through a pork fat fog I seem to remember it was delicious.

The evening turned out to be an exploration of pork’s potential; what can be achieved in humane and sustainable agricultural practices and what can be gained in return.  Looking at the sun setting behind a group of happy pigs and people, Dady beamed, “This is what we live for.”

South Texas Heritage Pork is widely available in San Antonio, including The Quarry Farmers Market, The Pearl Farmer’s Market, and at several restaurants.

Photographs by Chris Dunn

South Texas Heritage Hogs




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