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Chefs’ Corner: Papaya Cream

Tailor Papaya Cream recipe to ingredients you have on hand.

If you visit a Brazilian steakhouse or churrascaria, chances are you’ve seen the Papaya Cream that is generally offered for dessert. You may not have had it, however, since the thought of eating anything else after an array of 15 or so meats sounds odd, to say the least.

But give the Papaya Cream a try. Not only is the flavor both elegant in its silkiness and refreshing, it aids your digestion, says Jovani Gava, assistant general manager of Fogo de Chao , 849 E. Commerce St.

It’s a tradition in  southern Brazil, as prevalent as the churrascaria-style of serving meat and the extensive salad bar, he says.

It’s also simple to make. Merely toss in papaya and a top-quality vanilla ice cream in your blender. The proportion should be 60 percent fruit to 40 percent ice cream. Once you’ve poured the results into a serving glass, top it with a shot of crème de cassis, if desired.

Can’t get great papaya? Then substitute other fruit. Use peaches and crown it with a few slivered almonds and a drizzle of amaretto. Or use strawberries with Grand Marnier. A thawed bag of bing cherries will work with a little Godiva chocolate liqueur. Kiwi, pineapple, ripe pear, persimmon — all would work just fine.

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