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Coffee Shops in SA: A Fine, Mixed Brew

A latte from Local Coffee at the Pearl.

A latte from Local Coffee at the Pearl.

By Emily Reynolds

The coffee cups of San Antonians are being filled in great style — and this year are flowing over. Coffee culture is here — and it looks like it’s going to stay.

Within the past years, several locally owned coffee shops have been born — from the spacious, modernly chic Rosella, owned and operated by news journalist, Charles Gonzalez, to a third location for Local Coffee, which has opened its doors at The Pearl Brewery, near the new restaurant Cured. There seems to be a caffeine stop on every corner these days.

Gonzalez describes his vision for Rosella’s to be that of a community center.

“The space, the area, it’s big and open—designed as a place to hold a gathering for residents or meetings for professionals,” says Gonzales. Rosella has two floors making for the perfect hideout for a private conversation or the perfect place to get a slice of Tim the Girl’s avocado toast with a pour-over.  Rosella is offering wine and dinner as well, charcuterie plates, cheese boards and a killer wine list designed by David Rangel.

It’s fun to be a part of the inception of a place, commented Rangel. The coffee is sourced from Cuvee out of Austin and Cuvee. Cuvee is unique in that they train all baristas on how to make their coffee. “If you are able to make the shot well –  you can add more to the coffee without loosing the integrity.”says Rangel.

local coffee2One question might be — how ‘local’ is our coffee? The fascinating part of this coffee revolution in the Alamo City is that most of our coffee shops are out-sourcing their coffee.

With the exception of Brown coffee, there are a limited number of local roasters.

A hidden gem coffee roaster Ferra Coffee. Owner Susan Jaime travels to the coffee farms in Latin America and roasts what she sources in Boerne. She is known around Latin America for her fine coffee, yet within San Antonio only a few sell her her carefully roasted and sourced coffee beans.

“Local does not mean that someone is sourcing locally, I would like people to know there are incredible roasters here locally. There seems to be a missing link between the local roasters here and what we offer,”explains Jaime.

wooden spoon with coffee beansJaime encourages coffee shops and coffee enthusiasts to ask these three questions: Do you source your coffee directly from the growers? Is your coffee certified organic? Is your coffee specialty graded? As we have moved our culture to think about the food that we eat, Jaime envisions coffee consumers to also be mindful of what they drink.

Places like Halcyon, a coffee shop based out of Austin that  moved to San Antonio about a year ago, have a vision to showcase various roasters in the upcoming months.

“We want to have a variety of specialty coffee alongside of our Katz Coffee, explains head barista John Lauber. One can hope that on that list local roasters like, Ferra Coffee will be showcased.

As our next step in the coffee revolution is to roast more locally and serve it at the same time.


Coffee Shops and A Bite:
Address: 1414 S Alamo St. 
Highlights: Featuring Katz coffee out of Houston, be sure to check out their egg sandwiches too.
Rosella Coffee
Address: 203 E Jones Ave #101
Highlights: Featuring Cuvee Coffee out of Austin. Charcuterie plate and a glass of wine in the evening or a turkey sandwich and a Crave Market juice in the afternoon. 
Address: 160 E Houston St.
Highlights: Featuring Cuvee Coffee out of Austin- sandwiches and salads too.
coffeeCoffee and Light Bites:
Revolucion: Coffee and Juice
Address: 7959 Broadway St.  
Highlights: Featuring Klatch Coffee; also has some cowgirl granola and light bites.
Local Coffee: Three locations: Stone Oak, Alamo Heights and the Pearl Brewery 
Alamo Heights: 5903 Broadway St.
Stone Oak address: 700 E. Sonterra Blvd.
Pearl address: 303 Pearl Pkwy #300
Highlights: Featuring Intelligtensia and Stump Ton Coffee roasters, plus a variety of Bakery Lorraine pastries. 
Olmos Perk
Address: 5223 McCullough Ave. 
Highlights: Featuring What’s Brewing coffee roasters (locally sourced)
Local Roasters:
Brown Coffee Co. Roasting and coffee: 1702 W. Kings Hwy.
Ferra Coffee LogoFerra Coffee: 28991 IH-10 W, Suite 109B, Boerne
Can be found at: Gaucho Gourmet, Rosario’s, Silo, Biga on the Banks, and Hyatt Hill Country 
San Antonio Coffee Roasters
Address: 38 W. Rhapsody Dr.


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Local Coffee Opens at the Pearl

The popular Local Coffee has opened its third location. It’s at the Pearl Brewery.

Local Coffee has opened at the Pearl.

Local Coffee has opened at the Pearl.

Known for its commitment to keeping things simple but of high quality,  Local Coffee will continue to be a multi-roaster shop and will work with some of the top national roasters including Stumptown Coffee, Madcap Coffee, Intelligentsia and others.

There’s a dedicated area for up to three rotating weekly offerings from Texas roasters such as Tweed in Dallas or Cuvee’ and Flat Track in Austin.  They also offer brewing and palate education, brewing equipment, logo wares and retail bags from all their roasters at their Pearl location.

“I am really pumped to be partnering with the Pearl,” said Local Coffee owner Robby Grubbs. “I have always felt we were a natural fit, but the timing of the development and our location was worth the wait. Our negotiations and collaborative effort in designing our space has been a true organic process and I cannot wait to see it come together. We chose Pearl for the opportunity to have people walk in just because it said coffee on our sign. We then have an opportunity to turn those folks’ ‘coffee light’ on, especially since most people have no idea what they’re missing!”

A latte from Local Coffee at the Pearl.

A latte from Local Coffee at the Pearl.

Local Coffee’s menu items include espresso, slow pour and decaf drinks. Currently, Local Coffee is working with a new roaster to create a house coffee that will rotate every three to four months.

Located out of Dallas, Tweed, which is owned by the owner of Houndstooth Coffee in Austin, will collaborate with Local Coffee to have a seasonal single-origin coffee. This will be a Local/Tweed collaboration coffee that their customers can buy per cup or in retail bags at the Pearl location.

Local Coffee will be located at 302 Pearl Parkway, Suite 118. For more information about Local Coffee, please visit here.  For more information about Pearl, please visit here.

Pearl is also home to the Culinary Institute of America, San Antonio; some of San Antonio’s top restaurants as well as culinary shops and gift shops, a Saturday farmers market and much more.

local coffee2


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