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At Last, a Snack That’s Actually Good for You

Want a snack for your kids — or yourself — that’s not overloaded with sugar or stuff that’s unhealthy? Bolthouse Farms has introduced Shakedowns, packets of baby carrots with two separate flavor packets that let you add a little spice to a helping of raw veggies.

carrots bolthousePlus, there’s a gimmick that everyone will like: Because adding the flavor during the packaging phase would likely leave the carrots mushy, the folks behind these snacks let you add the seasoning when you’re ready for a snack. You just pinch the flavor packet in the upper left of the package, which opens it to fall onto the carrots. Then you shake it all up, and dig in.

They’re perfect for lunchboxes or to have as an after-school pick-me-up.

Right now, there are two flavors, Chili-Lime and Ranch, both of which found fans among friends who tried them. They liked the ease of no having to do anything beforehand to get the snack together, and they enjoyed the flavor. As a long-term fan of raw food, I appreciated having a snack with some crunch to it that didn’t come from a fried potato or baked corn product with some ridiculously high carbohydrate count.

The lone negative comment came from a friend who found the Chili-Lime carrots too tart; but she doesn’t like much acid in her food and would not likely have tried Chili-Lime to begin with.

Each 2.25-ounce packet has 25 calories. The Ranch version has 7 grams of carbohydrate while the Chili-Lime has 6 grams.

Shakedowns are available at H-E-B and Walmart for about $1 a packet.

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