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The Dish: Pasha Mediterranean Grill’s Chicken Sheesh Tawook

We’ve been helplessly addicted to both Pasha Mediterranean Grill and some of the dishes on their menu since it opened. Here’s a Mid-East restaurant with a feel that falls somewhere between Tex-Mex patio cafe and a popular, crowded, big-city bistro. Management, servers, table clearers — they all seem dedicated to customer service, and unless it’s just crazy busy, they’ll be right to your table when you signal.

Chicken Sheesh Tawook is No. 2 on the entree menu, a dish possibly not quite as well-known as the popular Chicken Shawarma. But it’s our go-to order because the chicken, the sides and even the condiment served with it are just about perfect.

This flavorful, even healthful dish from Pasha Mediterranean Grill is one of our favorites.

Sheesh Tawook is simply, delicately seasoned and broiled chicken breast, served hot (even juicy) from the grill.

Next to it is always served a little cup of garlic yogurt sauce (not the usual tsatsiki) that fights for center stage with the chicken. If one doesn’t order chicken breast because it can be bland or boring, this sauce is the kicker. The garlic is super intense — and its light texture makes it perfect for Pasha’s grilled chicken.

On the side come salad and hummus, pickles and a slab of hot, puffy naan bread to dunk in the seasoned olive oil that is at every table. This is not an expensive lunch. If you don’t order a drink, you can get change back from a $10 bill.

Pasha Mediterranean Grill has two locations, though we most often visit the one at 9339 Wurzbach Road, because of its proximity to one of our favorite international markets, Ali Baba International Food Market. Check out the menu here. The second location is 1207 N. Loop 1604 W.

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