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What’s Hot? Ruby’s Rockets, Frozen, Healthy Pops, Kid-Approved

We recently tried a treat that appeared in Central Market in July. Marketed to moms who want their kids to enjoy the taste of an icy popsicle that actually could be good for them was a great idea. But, we discovered that our own boxes of Ruby’s Rockets (in a childless household) disappeared just as quickly as if a 10-year-old had moved in.

RubysRocketsRuby’s Rockets have just 2 grams of sugar and less than 35 calories per pop. They are a blend of fruits, vegetables and probiotics with no added sugars or high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors or flavorings. Each pop is also dairy-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, HFCS-free, egg-free, vegan and kosher.

The pops were created by Hollywood actress and mom, Wendy Makkena, and her 13-year-old daughter, Ruby, as a good tasting, nutritious way to get their daily servings of fruits and vegetables.  The idea came to them when one of Wendy’s delicious “green” smoothies knocked over and, reaching for a towel, they instead found a popsicle mold. That was the “aha!” moment and the birth of Ruby’s Rockets.

The development phase began. Then, “After months of spills and kitchen disasters, we finally got it right,” said Makkena. “A kid-approved fruit and veggie concoction was born.”

Now, Makkena and her daughter are on a mission to bring Ruby’s Rockets to families nationwide.  Ruby’s Rockets frozen pops retail for $5.99 for a box of six and are available in three flavors:
• Galaxy Green – kiwi, spinach, and avocado

• Rock-It Red – sweet potatoes, strawberries, carrots, and beets

• Orbit Orange – oranges, sweet potatoes, and carrots

But how do they taste?

RubysRocketsGreen.jpbWith no children around, we had to sample each of the three flavors ourselves — not a problem!  Our judgment was yes, we would buy these. In fact, we have. It was actually hard to pick a favorite flavor, but the green won out. The avocado seemed to provide smoothness, as one would expect, the kiwi added its tart edge and the spinach — well, we could hardly tell it was there.

The red was very good, and only slightly tasted of beet. Beets are very popular right now, and that little bit of earthy flavor that crept into the pop probably won’t be detected by a child.

The orange pop was also flavorful, and the three main ingredients were a good match. Our final judgement: Buy Ruby’s Rockets — and be sure to get enough for the adults in the house, too!

Visit Ruby’s Rockets here for more information.



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