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Beer of the Week: Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale



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Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

There are some weeks when nothing but the best will do. When you get  in that frame of mind and you want a brown ale, then reach for Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale. It’s that good.

This British beer from Tadcaster in North Yorkshire has long been a favorite, but I hadn’t tried it for awhile  until recently. The first was so good I couldn’t resist having a second.

The first thing you notice as you pour it into you pint glass is that the color is a little browner than you might except, with the beer giving off more of a tea color than the hints of deep reddish-brown you might have expected. The head certainly rises, a healthy two or three fingers deep and only dissipates slightly in the glass over time.

As the name makes plain, a nutty aroma arises from the beer (think just-roasted hazelnuts), and it is matched by a sweet toffee or caramel scent mixed with yeast.

You’ll pick up on flavors of each of those foods, but this beer doesn’t stop there. There’s a touch of citrus, some roasted malt and a even a hint of something peaty, like scotch, before you notice the great schemes of balance and contrast the brewer seems to having fun with. The nuts and caramel are perfect complements, making you think of an adult candy, while the sweet is met full on by the bitter elements, down to the finish. Complex, rewarding and ultimately refreshing.

This is the kind of brew that loves beef. At the Lion and Rose, that could mean anything from Sidekick Sliders, any of the pub burgers, the sirloin steak sandwich or the Roast Beast with its cheddar and horseradish.

Grab yourself a four-pack and treat yourself to a complex ale that will make the rest of the week fade into a welcome glass of hazelnut and caramel richness.

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