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Get Your Chocolate Fix. See’s Candies Opens a Store in North Star Mall.

A See’s manager shows how to box chocolates quickly.

See’s Candies has long been a holiday fixture at North Star Mall with a kiosk that has sold milk chocolate candies, dark chocolate truffles and bon bons of various flavors.

But now See’s has opened a storefront in the mall that will be open year-round. It’s one of six stores in the South that See’s has opened this year, offering sweets in all shapes and sizes no matter what the occasion is.

Grabbing for a chocolate.

You can choose from the 100 or so flavors that the store offers, including truffles filled with almond, blueberry or key lime; dark chocolate with nougat, marzipan or mincemeat; white chocolate with apricot buttercream, hazelnut or cashews; milk chocolate with peppermint, strawberry cream or butterscotch; and specialty pieces, such as vanilla nut fudge, pecan roll or bridge mix.

The Scotch Kiss, a creamy caramel with marshmallow at the center, reminded me of treats families used to make each Christmas in Louisville, Ky., called Modjeskas. One bite and I felt as if I were back home.

See’s Candies has opened at North Star Mall.

The store also has chocolate coins for Hanukkah or just for the kids to play with, “seegars” for newborns  and even thank-you boxes for whenever a note isn’t enough.

Kyan Jones gets ready to compete.

The quality of See’s candies are certainly the chain’s claim to fame, but the store was also immortalized in an episode of “I Love Lucy,” in which Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance work a chocolate conveyor belt. That scene was at See’s, which still uses the conveyor belt for all it’s hand-formed chocolates. (For a trip down memory lane, watch the clip here.)

In honor of that inspired bit of hilarity, the store’s preview party included similar contests. There was no conveyor belt, but the people in attendance were pitted against each other in competitions to see who could box chocolates the fastest. Claire Larson can be seen winning one round in the video at the top, while you can see several younger partygoers go up against a See’s manager (click here). Yours truly donned the hairnet and took first in another round.

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