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Beer of the Week: Singha Lager Beer

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s hot. Even after the sun sets and a breeze kicks in, it’s all just a lot of hot air moving about and making things hotter.

That means it’s the perfect time for a beer whose purpose is to take the edge off the heat. One such beer is Singha Lager.

This Thai brew is a great counterbalance to the incendiary dishes of its home country, so, in its way, it fights heat on two levels.

I had a couple of bottles the other night at Siam Cuisine, 6032 FM 3009. It was the first time I’d enjoyed the beer in perhaps a year, and I was won over again almost instantly. One sip and I felt refreshed as flavors of malt and citrus went down easily, like any good thirst quencher, and prepared me for the food to come.

Singha is Thailand’s premier beer and, until recently, its top seller. It’s a fine example of a pale lager, with a lovely yellow color that shone in the setting sun. It poured with a generous head that lingered for a few minutes.

The aroma was pure malt while the flavor, as I mentioned, was malty with a tingly lemon acidity and a slight hoppy bitterness. But more than the flavor is the clean feeling that it leaves in your mouth as it goes down.

Pair that with a fiery stir-fry of pork, vegetables, mushrooms and noodles or a mild dish of beef with eggplant. The beer prepares you for the next bite, whether the seasonings you’re enjoying are lemon grass, basil and galangal root or red hot chiles and coconut milk.

So, chill out with a Singha. By the way, Wikipedia says the correct pronunciation is sing, which is fairly apt, as it will likely have you singing for more.


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