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A Daring Rescue at Tejas Rodeo

A story is going around on Facebook about what happened when the floods and storm struck Tejas Rodeo Company, 401 Obst Road, Bulverde, on Saturday night:

Tejas Rodeo Company, when it's not wet.

Tejas Rodeo Company, when it’s not wet.

Last night we witnessed true heroism. An elderly couple’s car was swept off the road leading into Tejas Rodeo by the swollen and rushing Cibolo creek. The couple climbed out of their car and held onto the roof until they were forced to abandon it altogether and found themselves literally clinging for life to a corner post of a fence. Luckily, The women’s yells were heard by some people a couple of hundred yards away, standing outside watching the parking lot disappear under the rising waters. That itself was a miracle as the rush of the water, the sound of rolling thunder from the passing storm as well as the next approaching one and the pelting of the rain drowned out most all other sounds. A group of cowboys that had earlier competed in the rodeo, some staff from Tejas and the owner himself sprang into action. 911 was called but it would be too long before they could arrive. Navigating their way through the dark churning waters they made there way down the narrow water cover road towards the sound of the woman’s yells. The water was already several feet high and was rising rapidly. From across the parking lot, which looked more like a lake, we could see the beam of light from a flashlight crisscrossing the trees and shrubs searching for the source of the cries for help. They spotted the couple and new yells from the team of cowboys could be heard requesting additional help from the others that were gathered on the edge of the flooded road. A couple of more Cowboys went into action with the only tools they had at their disposal…a horse, a rope and selfless courage.

For about two hours, but what seemed to be an eternity, this team of brave individuals put themselves in harms way, risking their own lives for the sake of two strangers. From where we were we could offer only prayers, but could witness and hear the intense struggle…shouts of “PULL” or “HOLD ON” or “GET MORE ROPE”. Thanks to their tireless effort, extreme courage and the grace of God, all survived the effort, two lives were saved.

Later that night we spoke to the owner of Tejas and he said that after an hour or so of struggle to retrieve the couple, he could see them tiring and giving up hope, almost resigning themselves to their fate. But the team of cowboys would not give up, and would not let the couple give up either. Many times he said they thought, “what in the world did we get ourselves in to…but we knew we had to do what we had to do”.
I don’t know any of their names, but as for me and the rest of us there last night…we will just call them heroes. My heroes have not always been cowboys, but last night they definitely were.

Shelby Martin, whose father Trey Martin is an owner of Tejas Rodeo, confirmed that Saturday night was full of drama, as all roads leading to and from the compound had washed out, and the couple were indeed in peril. With no access to the place, rescue teams would not have been able to get there, either, she said. So, the men who were there did their best to make sure the couple and all who tried to help made it on to high ground were safe, if wet.

The people who had shown up for the rodeo or a dinner at the Tejas Steakhouse had to stay put until one of the roads was passable, which wasn’t until 10 a.m. Sunday. That meant most had to sleep in their cars. The first road that opened was the one that the stranded couple had tried to leave on.

Not all of the roads to Tejas are open yet, but plans are on for more steaks and rodeo to be served up this weekend. Check the Tejas Rodeo website for more.

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NOSA Fest Gives You a Chance to Help the San Antonio Food Bank

You’ve heard of NIOSA. Now, it’s time to learn about NOSA Fest.

Live music, bull rides and more are part of the Tejas Rodeo fundraiser Sunday.

The initials stand for North of San Antonio, and the fest is an event that’s taking place on Oct. 25 to benefit the  San Antonio Food Bank. It’s happening at the Tejas Rodeo Company, 401 Obst Road, Bulverde, which is off Blanco Road about 10 miles north of Loop 1604.

“The idea behind NOSA Fest was a simple one, really,” says the event’s website, “We took the two things we couldn’t live without, good music and even better food, and found a place for them to stretch their limbs a little.”

So, the day promises a lineup of music that includes Mingo Fishtrap, Band of Bandits, Octahedron, Fishermen and more. The music starts at 4:30 p.m. and continues until 1 a.m. The usual Saturday night rodeo will also take place at 7:30 p.m. for a little more entertainment.

As for the food, except some offerings from people involved in the Chef Cooperative, which includes Tejas Rodeo’s executive chef, Tyler Horstmann. But more food vendors are needed, he says. “We are asking for a $300 rental fee that will cover space reservation, security, marketing, waste disposal, and high visibility,” he says. To become involved, email or call (210) 313-1495.

The organizers are hoping to making this an annual event. The need is great, as the Food Bank serves 17 counties in Texas.

Bonnie Walker and I will be there autographing copies of “Barbecue Lover’s Texas.” And a silent auction is planned to raise even more money for the cause.

Advance tickets are only $12 for adults and $6 for children. To order your tickets, click here. Tickets on the day of the event will be $15 for adults OR $12 with three cans of food per adult; $8 for kids ages 6-12 OR $6 with 2 cans of food per child; and free for children ages 5 and under.

For more about the San Antonio Food Bank, click here.


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Fundraiser Sunday for Victim of Colorado Theater Shooting

Live music, bull rides and more are part of the Tejas Rodeo fundraiser Sunday.

Tejas Rodeo Company, 401 Obst Road, Bulverde,  is having a fundraiser Sunday to benefit a man with local connections who was severely injured in the recent shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

Brent Lowak is a Bulverde native and a Smithson Valley graduate who was injured in the July 20 shooting.

A silent auction and live bands, including Cool Like Roy, The Court Jesters and The Clearwater Band, will be featured. Special T-shirts and a mechanical bull ride will also be part of the event, which runs from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., with gates opening at 11  a.m.

The cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children 2 and older.

For more information about the benefit or donations, contact:

  • Trish Dietrich Lowe, (210) 240-9768
  • Karen Barrett Craig, (830) 928-0035
  • Ana Reyes (donations), (210) 861-5581
  • Lynn Reid (advance tickets), (210) 601-6882

For directions to Tejas Rodeo Company, home of the Tejas Steakhouse, click here.

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