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Beer of the Week: Third Shift Amber Lager

A new amber lager, Third Shift, has come to San Antonio as part of a test run that its producers are running in a select group of markets. In addition to the Alamo City, you can find it in Austin, Houston and Dallas as well as Dayton, San Francisco, Reno and Sacramento.

You won’t find this beer in bottles, but you will find it on tap at places including Friendly Spot, Leapin’ Lizard, Joey G’s, London Sub, Sideliners, Wurzbach Icehouse and Sugar Time, according to the beer’s publicists.

Third Shift, from Coors by way of a label called Band of Brewers, is worth seeking out if you like the nice play of bitter and sweet in a amber lager.

The beer pours out with the copper color you expect, and there’s a great visible fizz. The amount of head you find will depend, of course, on how its poured for you. Mine had a nice lace of foam around the edge.

The nose is not overwhelming, but it has a nice wheat quality with a touch of roasted malt. Both are evident when you take a sip, too, but you’ll also notice a sweetness reminiscent of caramel and whole wheat. I also detected something that reminded me of roasted peanuts. A metallic side taste lasts until the finish, which has a pleasant bitterness.

Third Shift is not terribly complicated, but it is enjoyable, something to relax with on a Friday after work.

You won’t find extended food offerings at some of the places listed above, but if you’re at the Friendly Spot, think of having a cup with a plate of tacos. The sweet in the beer will like the spicy food.

If the amber lager goes over, there’s talk of the Band of Brewers introducing more beers in the Third Shift series. So, go out and give it your own taste test.


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