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Two Cajun Food Trucks in Transition

Want to buy a food truck?

Pieter Sypesteyn of Where Y'At

Pieter Sypesteyn of Where Y’At

A couple of the Cajun trucks currently feeding the San Antonio area are for sale.

Pieter Sypesteyn is selling his current Where Y’At truck, but not his business. He has announced that he’s getting a new truck. He still plans to sell his New Orleans-inspired creations, including his oh-so-sweet beignets and, come spring, crawfish.

He posted the following on Facebook: “Where Yat Food Truck is FOR SALE!!! Don’t worry, I’m not selling the business, just the truck. If you are interested in opening a food truck of your own, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Financing is available on this custom truck built by Texas’ best food truck builders, Cruising Kitchens. They can tailor it to fit your specifications. The truck is up for sale or lease, and is ready to work. Please call, text, or email for more details. Thanks. Pieter. 210-420-0090.”

Fat Bellies is the other Cajun truck that’s for sale. A Facebook posting on Tuesday said the truck was for sale and the business was closing, but the truck’s Facebook page had disappeared on Wednesday. If it’s true, Earl Styles, we’ll miss your cooking.


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Two Ways of Reaching Out to the Folks in West, Texas

A sign in Where Y'At.

A sign in Where Y’At.

The tragedy of what occurred in West, Texas, when a fertilizer plant there exploded on April 17, continues to unfold. And it continues to affect people from across the state, who are looking for ways to reach out and help.

Several eateries in San Antonio are doing their part by raising money, proving once again that restaurateurs in this city are willing to do what they can.

One is Pieter Sypesteyn of the Where Y’At food truck in the Alamo Street Eat Bar, 609 S. Alamo St. He’s donating any tips to the West Texas relief effort, according to a photo he posted on Facebook.

Plus, on Monday, the folks at Texas Roadhouse are donating 10 percent of their entire food sales to two relief funds. Dinner hours are from 4 to 10 p.m.

The two funds are the West, Texas, Victim Relief Fund and the West, Texas, Firefighters and EMS Fallen Hero Fund.

West TexasTexas Roadhouse has three San Antonio locations: 2893 Cinema Ridge, (210) 521-2988; 16915 San Pedro Ave., (210) 495-7427; and 13830 N. I-35, Live Oak, (210) 967-4998.

If you know of any other fundraisers for the folks in West, email or


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H-E-B Rounds Up Some Food and Fun, All in the Name of Charity

Where Y’at serves up New Orleans barbecue shrimp.

Shoppers in the area of Loop 1604 and Blanco Road know the H-E-B Plus there as a dependable source of great food to cook with. On Saturday, the store proved it once again, only this time the food was free and it was ready to eat.

Jason Dady serves up his nachos while his daughter, Tessa, watches. Saturday was her birthday.

The parking lot of the supermarket was the site of the first H-E-B Food Truck Face Off, and it brought four of the city’s mobile kitchens together for a friendly competition.

The competitors all had to use H-E-B products in their dishes, which were served up to hungry lines of people until their supply ran out.

The crowds enjoy the free food.

By the time the judges’ had finished their work, Pieter Sypesteyn of Where Y’At had taken first place for his New Orleans barbecue shrimp, made with Chimay ale and baguette, both included among H-E-B’s Primo Products.

His victory meant that Gordon Pictures, a Christian movie production ministry, would take home $10,000 from H-E-B. Sypesteyn also won the people’s choice award, which brought another $500 to the charity.

Jason Dady and his DUK Truck took second place with Not’Cho Dady, nachos made entirely with H-E-B Primo Products. His $5,000 prize will be going to Culinaria’s new educational center and community gardens.

Johnny Hernandez brought his True Flavors catering wagon out and made pulled pork tacos, which earned $2,500 for the Culinary Institute of America’s San Antonio campus.

Michael Anthony Romo and his MARS Mobile Kitchen also served up an heirloom tomato and watermelon gazpacho.

This is the first of H-E-B’s Face Offs. The reaction from the crowds should guarantee it won’t be the last.

Johnny Hernandez (center) and his team make pork tacos.

MARS Mobile Kitchen offers heirloom tomato and watermelon gazpacho.

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H-E-B, Food Trucks Team Up for Charity

Pieter Sypesteyn of Where Y’At

This Saturday morning, you can do your grocery shopping, have a snack or two, and help a local charity.

The parking lot in front of the H-E-B Plus at the corner of Loop 1604 and Blanco Road will be the setting of a Food Truck Face Off, featuring four mobile kitchens competing against each other. The fun starts at 10 a.m.

Each of the chefs will be using H-E-B products in their food. After their efforts are judged, the winner will be able to designate a charity to receive a donation.

The participants include Jason Dady’s DUK Truck, Johnny Hernandez’s True Flavors, Michael Anthony Romo’s MARS Mobile Kitchen and Pieter Sypesteyn’s Where Y’At.

The public can enjoy food from the trucks until noon.


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Dishing The Dish: Three Perspectives on Porky Heaven

Today, we introduce a new feature on SavorSA that will focus on some of great work that’s being done in restaurants around town. It’s called The Dish and it will shine a light on a culinary creation that’s worth singling out for praise. It could be something seasonal, a new sensation or an old favorite. The sole point is to make you aware of the savory treats in SA.

If you have any favorites you’d like to share, either post them below or email or

This initial effort features three pork-related dishes to wet your appetite. Each illustrates porcine perfection in a unique way.

Pig Face Wood-Fired Pie at Bin 555

Pig Face Wood-Fired Pie
Bin 555 at the Alley
555 W. Bitters Road
(210) 496-0555

Who can resist a pizza baked in a wood-fired oven that’s hot enough to scorch the bottom of the dough, giving it a slightly burnt taste that’s practically irresistible?

That’s just the beginning, though, of the joys of this pizza from chef Robbie Nowlin, who creates his own house-made torchon using, you guessed it, the whole pig’s face.  The meat is cured in salt, pink salt, white pepper and sugar for one day. Then parts are braised before being added back to the torchon before it’s ready to use.

Then come toppings of slivers of radish, strips of pecorino and, in an inspired touch, pickled mustard seeds. The chef finishes it off with leaves arugula just before serving that add a fresh green vibrancy as well as a peppery bite.

I had a couple of leftover slices for breakfast the following morning. The radish flavor intensified, giving the pizza a welcome wake-up bite.

Using the pig’s head is, like using a cow’s head in barbacoa, a wonderful way to use as much meat on an animals as possible without letting it go to waste. Place another of these beautiful pizzas in front of me, and you’ll see another example of food not going to waste.

The 50/50 Burger at Big Bob’s.

The 50/50 Burger
Big Bob’s Burgers
447 W. Hildebrand Ave.
(210) 734-2627

Bacon cheeseburgers have long been justifiably popular, but why not take that experience to a whole new level by adding the bacon to the burger and not just on top of it?

That’s the appeal of this burger, which is made up of equal parts ground chuck and ground bacon. So, all that pork goodness fills every bite, while the chuck gives it a sturdy structure with plenty of meat and fat for the required beefiness and juiciness. Add a slab of sharp cheddar and chef Robert Riddle’s grilling, which lends it a smoky flavor, and you have a big fat phenomenon.

Of course, you could crown that combination with crisp bacon strips, but I can’t decide if that’s a bit too much or just a deliciously new means of satisfying my inner oinker.

A word of caution to those Texans who want their beef dead done: The whole patty is pinker than you may be used to. The grilling on the outside adds a little blackness, but the center is pinker than you may want. That’s from the addition of bacon, not the cooking technique.

For those of us keeping low-carb, Big Bob’s also offers the burger on a salad with artichoke hearts, garbanzos, olives, pepperoncini and more laid over a mound of spring greens. Good and healthful, just the way I like it.

The Peacemaker Po’Boy
Where Y’at
Alamo Street Eat-Bar
609 S. Alamo St.
(210) 420-0069

The SA food truck scene is burgeoning with exciting new flavors to please most any palate. Place this po’boy from Pieter Sypesteyn at the top of your must-try list.

The chef starts with an unbeatable combination of corn meal-breaded oysters and crunchy pork belly, braised in root beer before being deep-fried, both of which add a mouthwatering saltiness that enlivens the layers of mustardy coleslaw, pickles and fresh jalapeño slivers, all slathered with the right amount of creamy rémoulade.

Yet, as special as the combination of pork and seafood is, not to mention the pristine freshness of the other ingredients, were, the real stars of the sandwich were thick slices of perfectly ripe, old-fashioned tomato, which brought everything together in one incomparable whole. Not surprisingly, the tomatoes were from Cora Lamar’s Oak Hills Farm, by way of the Pearl Farmers Market. There’s a reason people rave about local food, and a tomato that tastes like a tomato is it. .

NOLA snobs may turn up their noses at a po’boy not made back at home because of how special the bread there is, but this is that bread. It’s Gambino’s French Bread, imported from the Quarter. For those don’t know the type of bread a po’boy should be served on, think of a baguette, yet one with a crackly exterior that is not too dense and a center that is not too fluffy. In short, it’s sturdy enough to hold its choice filling without falling apart into a soggy mess. Plus, Sypesteyn toasts the bread first and the rémoulade just melts into it.

I made the mistake of getting the half version of this beauty the first time I tried it. I’ve make peace with myself about that and will never let it happen again.


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Kitchens 4 Cancer: Good Eats, Good Cause

Taking an order at Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Boardwalk on Bulverde kicked off its Kitchens 4 Cancer fundraiser Friday with more than 15 trucks offering everything from spicy hot Guacabolas, avocado and chicken balls from Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, to frozen yogurt from Peach Wave.

Rockin G’s BBQ, Taco King, Sabor Colombiano, R&R Chicken Wings, Spice Runner and Rickshaw Stop were among the convoy of trucks that had gathered at the lot on Bulverde Road for the good cause. Most of the owners have agreed to donate 10 percent of their sales this weekend to Livestrong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation. And more than a few were seen wearing the yellow wristband associated with cancer awareness.

It was the first night for Scott Rodgers’ new Meating Stop truck, where diners could get a little bit of everything, including seared ahi tuna, fried shrimp, chicken-fried steak and even a deep-fried Twinkie.

Kids love the play area at Boardwalk on Bulverde.

Fans of New Orleans Cajun and Creole fare got a double whammy of deliciousness to choose from. At Where Y’At, Pieter Sypesteyn offered up a seasonal treat of deep-fried soft-shell crab po’boy slider with slivers of jalapeño and a tangy slaw that pushed it over the top. Meanwhile, the Jacksons at Lagniappe Today offered a rich, spicy sausage and chicken Yumbo Gumbo as well as crawfish etouffée.

Yumbo Gumbo from Lagniappe Today

Dessert lovers had a series of difficult choices to make, whether it was the bread pudding from either Guilty Pleasures or Langiappe Today, Peach Wave’s frozen yogurt with fruit or beignets from Where Y’At. A snow cone from KC’s Cones would certainly take the edge off the heat, but a mister attached to a fan also helped with that as did a series of brightly colored umbrellas over the picnic tables.

I settled for a coconut cream cupcake from Society Bakery, a tough choice considering the peanut butter and jelly or the red velvet whoopie pie flavors were both calling my name.

Kitchens 4 Cancer continues through Sunday at Boardwalk on Bulverde, 14732 Bulverde Road.

Pieter Sypesteyn stands next to his Where Y'At truck.


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